Your CD/DVD/Blueray etc. drive won't open. There might be even something stuck in there.


Use emergency button (hardware)

Look at the front of the CD drive for a small hole, beneath that is a small emergency eject button. You can try a paperclip to push it down.
This will realease the lock of the door so you can pull it open.
Here is a video how to do it:

Use Keyboard button

You might be using an apple macintosh (mac) and its not opening the drive tray when you press the normal button at the drive? The mac may have a keyboard button to open the cd drive. Also on some Linux versions the hardware button is not working, you have to use software then.

Use software

In Windows click 'Start', then open 'Computer' or 'My Computer'. Try right clicking on the CD drive icon and choose 'Eject'
In Linux console, use the command 'eject' e.g. 'eject /mnt/cdrom/'. If the device was mounted, it will be unmounted and then ejected.